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New study suggests hearing loss may be reversible

Time to grow some new ears

  • Sydney Megan Jow
  • 3 May 2017
New study suggests hearing loss may be reversible

Researchers at Indiana University have released new information on a medical breakthrough that suggests there may be hope for repair after hearing loss.

Until now, it has been widely believed that after hair cells located within the ears have been damaged, the result of the injury is completely irreversible. Because of this, conserving a person's hearing through the use of ear plugs has become the standard for concert attendees.

The new study explains the presence of pluripotent stem cells that can be morphed into blank cells and - in theory - be used to build fully functional pieces of other body parts - like those that dictate a person's ability to hear.

Trials have not perfected the procedure in humans, but research is ongoing.

[Via: Gizmodo]

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