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Six things we can't wait to do on the MDRNTY Cruise

All aboard the HMS Tech

  • Funster & Louis
  • 8 September 2017

2017 has been the summer that thousands of ravers have swapped fields for oceans. Festivals on cruiseliners have now become the norm and why not? It’s like going to a fancy hotel but you’re floating on the Mediterranean, not stuck on a ring road in Slough.

One that we’re looking forward to the most is MDRNTY, a cruise on the MSC Magnifica that we’ve branded the ‘connoisseur's choice of festival’ since it was announced. Not only is the line-up absolutely top-notch with DJs like Dixon, Guy Gerber, Ben Klock, Sven Väth and Snoja Moonear gracing the boat’s four stages, but there’s also just a fuck load of stuff to do.

From bowling alleys to a casino, not only is there an endless amount of things to do when the rave dies down but it’ll be among 4000 other on the level punters having a good time. All aboard!

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