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Anja Schneider tells us why its best to trust your gut when it comes to music

Words of wisdom from the Mobilee boss

  • Words: Anja Schneider | Illustration: Alex Jenkins | Photo: Patrice Brylla
  • 17 February 2017

You could say that trusting my gut instinct is the mantra of my life. Maybe I’m missing a lot, as I’m not good at giving people or things second chances, but that’s just the way I am. My first impressions have decided my whole life, and this has certainly been the case in music and DJing. I make quick decisions – but always from the heart.

In terms of our demo policy at the label, it’s always important for us to keep our ears to the ground and put energy into checking out new artists coming through – especially outside the circle of crew and friends you hang out with. It’s a thing we have to do constantly, as there are plenty of diamonds and pearls out there.

Meeting new talent is one of the most enjoyable aspects of what I do. It’s a big adventure for me. I’m always curious about who’s out there and what the world has in store for me. Without a healthy curiosity, I couldn’t do this job.

And that is where trusting my gut and first impressions comes in. It’s exactly what happened when I first met Kevin Over. The first thing that struck me about Kevin was, of course, his productions. Straight away I saw his great potential and impressive understanding of music. When we did finally meet, my thoughts and ideas were overwhelmed by his personality. He is the perfect example of a young, talented and open-minded artist – something we need from time to time to refresh our minds.

My first meeting with Kevin happened when I booked him to play our Mobilee showcase at Watergate last March. It wasn’t just his first time playing Watergate, but his first time even visiting the club as a raver. Even in the early stages of the night, during our dinner, it felt like he belonged and had been with us since the start of Mobilee.

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