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10 of the biggest moments from Coachella 2017

Another weekend filled with unforgettable music moments

  • Valerie Lee
  • 20 April 2017

Oh, Coachella.

There's plenty to be said about the dusty, Instagram-frenzy of a festival, but above it all, Goldenvoice's proud two-weekend behemoth of a child is indeed the undisputed leader of music festivals around the world. There's nothing quite like it that demands the highest of standards from its artists, all of which work tirelessly up until their performance to bring the biggest productions, the most memorable surprise guests and of course, the most brilliant of performances.

2017 was no different, despite the gutting loss of Beyoncé as an anticipated headliner (but have no fear, she's already confirmed to replace her intended set in 2018). Headliners from all facets of music - from hip hop to electronic to pop - defied the scorching heat of the desert and created another three days of magic for the mega festival.

Take a look through 10 of the most memorable moments of the festival below.

The Do Lab receives a bold and welcomed makeover

Revealed just moments before the festival swung open its doors on the first day, the Do Lab revealed its brand new structure lovingly named the Beacon. Resembling a pineapple and flaunting a wide, umbrella shaded structure, the additional stage was once again home to a plethora of surprise performances and magic and misty oasis moments. UK duo Eli & Fur as well as rising wunderkinds Louis the Child were two of a few surprise appearances, making the Do Lab another hallowed meeting ground for Coachella goers all weekend long.

[Photos: Juliana Bernstein / Get Tiny (above), Andrew Jorgenson (below)]

Radiohead defy the odds and prevail over major sound issues

Friday night's headliner position was given to the revered Radiohead, a classic act that released their ninth studio album 'A Moon Shaped Pool' mid-2016 and returned to Coachella to perform.

No one would've guessed that one of the biggest and arguably most anticipated acts of the weekend would run into sound issues that easily could've crippled any more novice of a band. Just three songs into the evening's final performance, the audio cut out entirely and blasted the audience with explosive feedback and issues continued to plague the band's set for three more songs until the entire group left the stage not once, but twice. The audio malfunctions were not only jarring to the live audience in front of them, but apparently also affected Coachella's live stream.

Thankfully, it was Radiohead, who were able to recover with as much grace and poise as possible (after a quick quip from Yorke, who suggested that the "fuckin’ aliens" were at it again) and finally completed their performance without any further hijinks. "Can you actually hear me now?" Thom Yorke joked dryly, finally coming back with 'Street Spirit'. "I’d love to tell you a joke, lighten the mood, something like that. But this is Radiohead, so fuck it.”

[Photo: Charles Hackleman]

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