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10 exhibits that need to be in the Hip-Hop Hall Of Fame museum

Must-see memorabilia

  • Patrick HInton
  • 16 June 2017

The announcement that a new museum called the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame is due to open in Harlem, New York, next year that will "offer important and unique documentation of hip hop's development and its impact on social trends" got us thinking about the potential exhibits that will be on display.

As well as providing incredible music, hip hop is one of the most consistently thrilling genres to follow in terms of the entire world around it. The beefs! The outfits! The controversial moments! See below for our picks on the must-have displays.

An enclosure for French Montana’s two baby tigers

We’ve all been there: waking up the morning after a heavy session, nervously checking your e-mail and finding out you’ve drunkenly ordered two marble statuettes, five washing up brushes and a chaise lounge. Woops. Spare a thought, then, for French Montana, who in April 2013 fired out the iconic social media update “Got so high last night bought 2 baby tigers” with accompanying pictorial proof. While subsisting through to the next pay day with a month of eating ramen (off exceedingly clean pates) isn’t much fun, the task of planning nine life time’s worth of care for two future killing machines on a hangover is enough to send anyone over the edge. As an exhibit showcasing the excess hip hop stars are prone too, we suggest a zoo enclosure is added into the Harlem museum and for French Montana’s big cats to happily roam.

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