23 April 2012
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Need house? Look no further than Needwant, the label helmed by Sean Brosnan (above). His mission is to release records that are built on classic 4/4 foundations and spun with a futuristic twist.

The Needwant stable includes the deep grooves of The Mekanism, Mario Basanov's sun-kissed nu disco (below) and Maxxi Soundsystem's peak-time stomp (second below), as well as Brosnan's signature and frequently excellent Futuredisco series.

'Futuredisco Vol. 5' is out now and Needwant host the first of a new series of regular parties in London this Friday, April 27. Mixmag thought it high time to ask Sean Brosnan to step up to the booth and introduce his label with an exclusive mix and we also caught 5 minutes with him to talk shop. Check it below...



The Revenge feat Danielle Moore – Just Be Good To Me (Accatool)
Massimiliano Pagliara - Keep On Dreaming (Mark E Dub)
Kaine featuring Kathy Diamond – Love Saves The Day (Soul Clap Remix)
The Mekanism – Can't Believe
Robert Owens – One Body (Accapella)
Basil Hardhaus 2 featuring Burrell – Black Man (Nicholas's Black & Proud Mix)
Maxxi Soundsystem – There's No Love
FETE – The Islands (Maelstrom Remix)
Mario Basanov – We Are Child Of Love (Mario's Redub)


What's the story behind Needwant, how did it all begin?

Right at the start it was a fanzine, all arty and musical. I threw a few parties in East London alongside sporadic issues of the zine. In 2009 it all got a bit more serious and much more full time when I started the label. The same designers who worked on the fanzine with me still do the design today. Music wise its always been friends and friends of friends, with just a policy of great music, but I wanted to release more songs. I really enjoy working with vocalists.

The label is dedicated to unearthing new house talent. How do you choose your artists?

We've had a good run of introducing producers that have gone on to big things. I look out for production quality in the first instance. For example, Mario Basanov, The Revenge and Maxxi Soundsystem all have that that big production. But I think it's something you can't put your finger on, every now and again you come across an artist and you just want to work with them and if they want to work with me, we get busy.

What makes the perfect Needwant release?

A little hint of classic house but with new ideas all over it. The perfect release pays homage to the the house that jack built but at the same time the artist has built that house out of some new space material.  I pretty much love every record in the catalogue, I'm so hard to please that I like to think every record is a certain standard because it goes through my rigorous testing process, which is basically me listening to it lots. 

What's the perfect situation in which to break out Needwant tunes?

I would say around 11pm – the night's just starting to fire, the first peeps are on the floor, that’s our time, we start the party.  

What's next for the label?

We've just released 'Future Disco Vol. 5' so I'm proud that the series is still going strong. I always enjoy putting that together. We are doing lots of parties this year starting with a huge warehouse party on Friday April 27 in London. We're bringing together three of our artists: Robert Owens who will be on vocals, Nicholas playing live and Mario Basanov's flying in from Lithuania. Then the next release is from Mark E with Robert Owens on vocals. It's awesome. Mario is just putting the finishing touches to his album. It's going to be a great year.   




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